Salvage Vehicle Inspection

Salvage Vehicle Inspection Program

When a vehicle is branded salvage due to hail damage, motor vehicle crash, flood damage, etc., the State of Wisconsin requires that the owner of the vehicle have the vehicle inspected by a certified law enforcement inspector in order for it to be registered in the state.  The Stanley Police Department is one of approximately 25 agencies statewide (the only one within Chippewa County) that has certified inspectors on staff and conducts these inspections.  We currently have two officers that are certified inspectors through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

We provide inspection services throughout the year as the need arises. Please contact our office to schedule an inspection at (715) 644-5975.

If the owner of a vehicle to be inspected is not present for the inspection, the agent designation must be completed and signed on the Affidavit of Major Parts form.


There are several pre-requisites before we will inspect your salvaged motor vehicle.  The following is a list of all items that must be present prior to a salvage vehicle being inspected by the Stanley Police Department.  Please understand, each item must be as stated below or an inspection will not take place.

  1. Wisconsin salvage Certificate of Title in the owner's name or Confirmation of Ownership document.  A Wisconsin Auto Dealer may present a Wisconsin Certificate of Title in the name of another person who has properly assigned the title to the applicant.  (Must have a Wisconsin Title in order to schedule an inspection)
  2. Competed MV-1 (non-dealers) or MV-11 (dealers) form; fee section can be left blank as it will be completed by the inspector.  We do offer a "fast title service" for dealers at an additional cost of $4.00.
  3. Completed Affidavit of Major Parts Form (MV2673).
  4. Four (4) legible pictures of the salvage vehicle taken prior to any repair or restoration, clearly showing the damage to the vehicle.  There shall be one (1) straight-on picture, each of the front, back, driver's side and passenger's side for a total of four (4) pictures.
  5. Proof of air bag system diagnostic check as well as proof that a 4-wheel vehicle alignment has been conducted (DOT form MV2859).
  6. Two (2) checks for payment: one for applicable inspection and/or title and registration fees and a second for our service ($25.00) and postage ($1.00) fee.
  7. *The original bill(s) of sale / receipt(s) received by the applicant for each major part of the vehicle that has been replaced containing a description of the transaction including:
    • The name of the major part.
    • The model year, make and identification number of the vehicle from which the major part(s) was/were obtained.
    • The date of the transaction.
    • The signature of the person selling or disposing of the major part.
    • The name of the customer.
    • The amount paid for the major part.

If all of the following are not made available to the inspector at the time that the inspection is to commence, please understand that the inspector will refuse to conduct the inspection. We have provided access to the appropriate inspection forms above.  Please utilize the forms provided above as links to ensure your inspection process is completely quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions about the inspection process or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact Inspector Kuechenmeister or Inspector Weiland of the Stanley Police Department at (715) 644-5975.
* Note:  If the vehicle from which a major part was obtained is not known or determinable by the seller, the bill of sale shall identify the seller and state that the source is unknown.
Inspections take place at the Stanley Municipal Shop, 100 State Street, Stanley, WI, 54768, unless otherwise arranged.  Mileage and additional fees may apply for off-site inspections that are ok'd by the Chief of Police.

Check the status of your Title Transfer with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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