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Question:  How do I obtain a copy of a police or accident report?

Answer: For a copy of report, please contact the police department secretary on either Monday, Wednesday or Friday from 8am-1pm.  Records are released in compliance with Wisconsin's Open Record Law. 


Question:   Where do I pay a parking ticket?

Answer:  Parking tickets issued by the Stanley Police Department can be paid in one of two ways:

1) You may pay for the parking violation by enclosing the amount of the fine (and any late fees assessed after five days) in the included orange envelope and mail it to: Stanley Police Department, P.O. Box 155, Stanley, WI 54768 with proper postage attached.  Payment made be made by check or money order.  DO NOT SEND CASH.

2) You may also pay in person at the Stanley City Clerks Office in City Hall, located at 353 South Broadway Street, Stanley between 8am and 5pm, Monday-Friday.  Please bring a copy of the ticket to ensure payment is assessed to the correct fine.

Please remember that all parking violations must be paid within five (5) days of being issued.  A late fee of $5.00 will be applied if payment is not received prior to five (5) days from date of issuance.  If payment for a parking citation is not received within 30 days of being issued, the vehicle registration of the violating vehicle will be suspended through the Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles, resulting in additional fees as well.


Question:  Where do I pay a traffic or ordinance citation?

Answer:  Traffic and ordinance citations issued by the Stanley Police Department are processed through either the Chippewa County or Clark County Clerk of Circuit Court Offices.  Payments for outstanding forfeitures can be completed in the following ways:

For Chippewa County Circuit Court citations:

1)  You can pay cash in person at the Chippewa County Clerk of Courts Office (711 North Bridge Street, Chippewa Falls, WI, 54729 (Chippewa County Courthouse) or pay by check or money order by mail at the address listed above.  Make check or money orders payable to CLERK OF COURTS.

2) To pay by CREDIT or DEBIT CARD, call 1-888-604-7888 or pay ON-LINE at www.GovPayNOW.com, 24 hours a day (use pay location code: 1116).

For Clark County Circuit Court citations:

1)  Pay through the Wisconsin Court System Website

2)  Pay through Government Payment Services (GPS)

  • The Clark County Clerk of Courts accepts credit or debit card payments through Government Payment Services (GPS), a third party agency.  Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit/debit cards.  Payments may be made online or by telephone at (888) 604-7888, 24 hours a day.  A service fee will be added to the amount of fees paid.
    • Note: To make payments through GPS, you will need:
      • Citation number
      • Pay location code: 5014
      • Payment amount
      • Violation date
      • Credit/Debit card information

*Note:  Effective April 30, 2016 Stanley Municipal Court was abolished.  As a result, any ticket written by a member of the Stanley Police Department will now be heard in either the Chippewa County or Clark County Circuit Courts.  Please do not attempt to make payment on a ticket issued after April 30, 2016 to the City of Stanley Clerk's Office as these fines must be addressed through one of the methods listed above through the appropriate court.

Question:  Does the Stanley Police Department do vehicle registrations/issue temporary license plates? 

Answer:  Yes.  The Stanley Police Department is able to assist with vehicle registrations, title transfers and the issuance of temporary plates for both automobiles and trucks.  Please be prepared to provide the original title which will need to have been signed by the previous owner(s) and the new owner(s).  We can assist you with completing a MV1 form or you can do so yourself by clicking here.  Payment for applicable registration fees will need to be made by check or money order and made payable to Registration Fee Trust.  We charge an additional $5 counter service fee for vehicle registrations.


Question:  Where do I renew my yearly license plate registration sticker?


To renew your registration online, please click here to be directed to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation website.  Note: If payment is made via a checking or savings account, no additional fees are added to the transaction.  If you make payment using a credit or debit card, there is a small fee (approximately $1) added to the transaction. 

In addition, you may renew your license plates in person and obtain a new sticker at the Stanley Travel Stop, 600 South Broadway Street, Stanley.  The business does charge each customer a $10 convenience fee for this service. 


Question:  How do I get a restraining order against someone?

Answer:  If you are a resident of Chippewa County, you would need to contact the Chippewa County Clerk of Court located at 711 North Bridge Street (Room 220), Chippewa Falls, WI 54729.  Inquiries via telephone can be made by contacting (715) 726-7758.


Question:  How do I report something to the Chippewa County Sheriff's Department without calling 911? 

Answer:  To report an incident or make an inquiry regarding anything related to the Chippewa County Sheriff's Department, contact (715) 726-7701.  To speak with a dispatcher or to report an incident that needs law enforcement attention, select option #1 when the automated message begins.


Question:  Does the Stanley Police Department do fingerprinting for job applications?

Answer:  Yes, for a fee of $10 per individual fingerprinted. 


Question:  Does the Stanley Police Department serve civil process papers?

Answer:  Yes, if the paper to be served is at a location within the city limits.  The fee associated is $25 per paper to be served, regardless of whether service is successful or not. 


Question:  Does the Stanley Police Department take in stray animals?

Answer:  We do take in stray dogs but no other animals.  If we are not able to determine or locate the owner of a dog, it is transported to Wag N' Tails, located at 204 Development Drive, Stanley.  Dogs delivered to the business can be claimed during normal business hours at Wag N' Tails by contacting (715) 644-4800.


Question:  Will the police department respond to unlock my vehicle if the keys are locked inside?

Answer:  Yes.  If you have locked your keys inside your vehicle within the city limits of Stanley, if an officer is available they will respond to assist you in gaining entry into your vehicle.  If you do request a vehicle lockout, you will be required to complete a "release of liability" form that will be provided to you by the officer before any attempt is made at unlocking a vehicle.  If an officer is not available for whatever reason at the time of your request, we commonly refer people to Breezy Acres (715) 644-5172 or Stanley Truck Sales (715) 644-5548 for local vehicle lockout services.


Question:  Are registered sex offenders allowed to live in the city limits?

Answer: Yes, but with limitations.  Please click here  for Chapter 7, Title 10 of the City Code as it relates to "Sexual Predator Residency Limitations."