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Stanley is still experiencing a "Rural Renaissance."  In the Fall of 2002 the Stanley Correctional Institution opened and it houses 1,500 inmates. SCI employs slightly over 365.


In July 2002 Ace Ethanol became the first large-scale producer of ethanol in Wisconsin. In July 2004, Ace doubled its production and now produces 40 million gallons of ethanol annually. The plant benefits grain farmers as 14 million bushels of corn are purchased annually. Six plus railroad tankers of ethanol are shipped daily. Stanley will benefit from several cluster industries that will be built to use distillers grain, an ethanol production by-product. 

Ace Ethanol received the Governor's Award for Energy Efficiency in 2009, along with only eight other Wisconsin businesses and organizations. Their energy-saving measures saved $244,000, plus saving 887,000 kilowatt-hours and 160,000 therms of natural gas (enough) to power 255 homes for a year). 

Ace also added controls for its boiler combustion management system and completed other upgrades and installations.


Other manufacturers include: 
Film-Tech Corporation, founded in 1981, is a supplier of specialty plastic films which are converted by medical, packaging and consumer industries.  

Archer Daniel's Midland plant specializes in the custom roller drying of honey, molasses and detergents. 


Built-Rite is a manufacturer of specialty tables and the metal frames that support them. 

EXCEL Steel offers the specialty building of anything made with steel and is capable of the construction of industrial steel walkways or the building or repair of metal piping. 

Stanley Casework's manufactures trunks and special carrying cases of all kinds. 

Trinity Trailers specializes in boat and carrier trailers of all types and sizes.

Canadian National Railroad serves the community and is capable of moving manufactured products to national markets or bringing raw materials to industrial plants in the city. Stanley is approximately half-way between Green Bay and the Twin Cities and its location makes it easily accessible to large population centers while permitting  a small town quality life.


  • Precious Care Child Care and Preschool Center, 305 E. First Avenue (715) 644-2636)
  • Tiny Tots Childcare Center LLC 1123 Pine Street (715) 644-0700
For More Information
The City of Stanley stands ready to assist with the development of new industries in the city. The city owns approximately 360 acres of prime developable land along Highway 29 that is suitable for residential, business and industrial development. Inquires can be made to the City Clerk at 715-644-5758.
For more information, contact the Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation at http://www.chippewa-wi.com/.

For the Clark County Economic Development Corporation, visit www.clark-cty-wi.org.

For more information on the region, visit West Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission.